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Kyle “The Dream” Vidrine - Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur

Ville Platte, Louisiana

After listening to Lupe’s speech, I’m floored! I’ve heard many speeches, many speakers, many topics, and they’re all great. But when you have somebody who speaks about a topic and that topic is not just something that they’re speaking about because it’s a great topic, but they’re speaking about it because of past experiences and they’re one with their topic, they know exactly what they’re talking about. They know what it is to be in a situation but more importantly, they know what it takes to get you out of that situation! And that’s what Lupe brought! She’ll make you think. She’ll make you come close to crying, if not crying. Amazing!”

Michelle Moore - Neuro-Transformational Coach

Atlanta, Georgia

“My favorite thing about her is the peaceful, calm but strong energy that I get from her. Listening to her share her story is so empowering and inspiring, and it’s hopeful! Hopeful for healing and for possibility, and I love her! I love being in her space! I love working with her! She is compassionate and has a way of connecting and creating rapport in a strong but soft and gentle way. She’s an incredible human being and I’m really proud to not only know her as a sister, coach and colleague but also as a friend!”

Doris Rivera-Black - Speaker, Advocate, Author

Colorado Springs, Colorado

“She’s an advocate. She’s a motivational speaker. She is a survivor thriver! I love the joy that she shows everyone! I love the enthusiasm and her willingness to want to help other people. If you book her for any event or any kind of conference, you are going to be pleased with her!”

Jazmine L Sandoval - Real Estate Broker

Brea, California

“Lupe has impacted my life in such a huge way! When I was going through a really, really tough situation, she was there to lift me. I’m very thankful for her! ”

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